Message from the Chief Commissioner


Thu 2 December 2010

Policing is a rewarding and challenging career.  All members start out as general duties constables.  From general duties, police may choose from a wide variety of roles, including a detective, a crime scene officer, a police prosecutor or a role in one of the many Traffic Management Units.  Other areas of interest include the Mounted Branch, the Dog Squad, Search and Rescue, Water Police, Air Wing and the Special Operations Group.

Here is a brief description of some of the areas and what they do.

Water Police
The Water Police attend all marine search and rescue incidents in Port Phillip and Western Port bays, inland waterways and coastal waters. Each year they handle about 700 marine incidents and are also responsible for law enforcement and boat safety education. They keep waterways safe by policing speed limits, restricted areas, boat registration, the carrying of boat safety equipment and laws relating to drinking alcohol.  Water Police travel in boats and on jetskis.


Search and Rescue
Search and Rescue police are trained to locate people missing in remote and difficult areas. This includes the bush, snow, mountains, coastal and inland waterways, and cliffs. They also dive under water to search for and recover stolen property, weapons, evidence, vehicles and other objects.


Dog Squad
The Victoria Police Dog Squad has over 30 operational dogs that specialise in one of three areas; general purpose, narcotics or explosives. Each dog is highly trained and skilled in finding drugs or explosives, with many enjoying long working relationships with their handlers.


Air Wing
The Air Wing supports police in crime detection and prevention, assists with searches and rescues, and operates as an air ambulance for people needing urgent medical treatment. Crime detection work includes the helicopter regularly flying patrols to find offenders, stolen cars and to monitor traffic.


Mounted Branch
The Mounted Branch provides a visible police presence in high crime rate areas and helps operational police on searches, crowd control and general patrols. The horses also provide ceremonial escorts for the Governor-General, the Victorian Governor, visiting royalty, police funerals and parades.


General duties members
General duties members are based at police stations, which have responsibility for a local area. Members of these police stations patrol areas to prevent crime and respond to any request from the community. Patrols are conducted in all weather and at all hours of the day and night, by foot, divisional van or sedan.


Special Operations Group
The Special Operations Group (SOG) includes police who have special skills, training and equipment.  The group responds to dangerous incidents such as those involving guns and bombs.  The squad also provides special assistance to general duties police by helping them with difficult jobs like arresting dangerous people.  To join the SOG, police members must complete a very tough selection process and training program.


Which area do you think you would like to work in? 

They all sound very exciting and play a very important role within Victoria Police. 

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