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Release date: Thu 21 June 2007

Last updated: Wed 13 February 2013

VicRoads serves the community by managing the Victorian road network and its use as an integral part of the overall transport system. VicRoads works to achieve improved access, safety and mobility for Victoria's road users.

A new VicRoads web application to provide information about road closures during emergencies  was launched on 5 December, 2011.

The map-based application will clearly show the location of road closures and incidents on Victorian roads. In addition to road closures, it will also provide information about incidents such as crashes or breakdowns impacting the roads. The information is also accessible on web-enabled mobile phones, such as smartphones.

VicRoads has also introduced a new system to collect more detailed information about the location of incidents/closures. This will greatly assist VicRoads and emergency services by providing a greater level of detail about the current impacts of each emergency. It will also assist emergency services to safely dispatch crews to avoid problem locations.

The new application can be accessed by going to the VicRoads website at



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